Creating an Office Relocation Action Plan

If you want a smooth and successful office relocation, consider writing an action plan to help you. Action planning will help you define the objectives about your new office location, facilities, and office space requirements.

This is why setting aside some time before you begin your relocation project. Action planning is very important as it will help you maximize the opportunity and give your business the best it deserves.


Below is a quick guide to help you build your office relocation plan:

Scope out the big picture

Start your action plan by scoping out the big picture. This may include a general summary of what you want to accomplish with the relocation project, assumptions, timeline, budget, potential risks and any issues that may arise.

Break out the smaller tasks

You are now done with the first part. It is now time to add more detail. It is a good idea to use the Office Move Checklist as your master task list. This will outline all the actions or tasks you need to complete before, after and during your office relocation.

You may have to add to this Checklist depending on the personal circumstances. To avoid forgetting any task, write them down as soon as they come into your mind.


Prioritize your list by putting things of an important nature or urgent first. The task of finding new office space is essential for example and may take some time. Therefore, such a task needs to be moved up the list.

In the same way, any new equipment you need for your new office such as PCs, furniture, phone lines, business phones, data cables etc may have long lead times. Therefore, you have to prioritize these things by putting them on top of your list to avoid missing any deadlines. Make sure to communicate these priorities clearly with your office moving company.

Delegate & Collaborate

An effective action plan needs a clear input and support from teammates. In your Office Relocation Project Team, decide who is responsible for each task, give it a deadline stating when it should be completed and update your Office Move Checklist to guide and manage the workflow. Whether you move from Nelspruit to Rustenburg, or Pretoria to Cape Town, a office move checklist will stand you in good stead.

Steven B.