Increasing the value of your home: The role your lawn plays

One of the first hings any potential buyer notices about your Pretoria home, is the garden. A well-kept lawn creates a great first impression. Any real estate agent worth his salt will tell you the first impression is often when the sale is made.

What to do when your house is on the market, and your lawn isn’t looking great?

Instant lawn is a great option for home owners that want a lush green carpet of grass in double quick time. There are other options, like sowing and artificial grass. Sowing can take up to 4 months to properly settle, and needs constant attention, careful mowing and regular watering. Artificial grass might look great at first glance, but it is very expensive to install. You might even require landfill which will increase the price even further. A Pretoria instant lawn provider can have a new lawn installed and looking great in a matter of days.

instant lawn preparation pretoria east

Instant lawn is quick to install, and looks great within a week or two of installation. You will have to water regularly initially, but the lawn will settle within the first month and you can go back to watering 2-3 times per week.

Instant lawns are also natural, and present a number of benefits including:

  • Acts as filter for water and dust
  • Prevents erosion
  • Captures greenhouse gasses, and uses them effectively to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Works as a natural air conditioner by preventing the sun from baking the ground
  • Reduces noise pollution
  • Forms a natural fire break

Natural lawns can also be therapeutic. Imagine sitting in a lush green garden with vibrant flowers and active birdlife. Nothing gets more soothing than that!

For those who live in Pretoria particularly, our lawns form a large part of our life. We enjoy recreational activities on our lawns, kicking the ball around, playing cricket with the family, or throwing the frisbee.

Real grass is much more suited to the typical Pretoria outdoor lifestyle, as it will absorb impact when falling, as well as cushioning your fall and provides much better traction when barefoot.

If you care about our planet, and want to create a safe and fun play area for your family, instant lawn will create a great first impression of your home. Give your local landscaper a call, and ask what they can do for you. And as improving the value of your home, there is nothing more effective and environmentally friendly.

Steven B.